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Cartier sunglasses. As a jeweller of eyewear, Cartier applies the same procedures as with its jewellery pieces. Its craftsman-like approach places the material at the heart of the creative process.Acetate, a cellulose-based material, is worked at buy Cartier sunglasses in the same way as wood, horn or gold.

A delicate craft process, lacquering consists of depositing the lacquer by hand with a brush or a syringe into a recesses hollowed from the metal. Lacquered piece is then over-dried for three hours. Then lacquerer goes on to grind and polish the piece, before diamond-polishing it, until the lacquerer is truly levelled. This jewellery skill is used in the production of the panther head in the ‘Panthere Wild de Cartier’ frame where each of the animal’s spots is crafted from black lacquer made flush with the metal.

Among the pioneers in the use of wood in eyewear, Cartier began using this material in 1992. Noble, it requires many skilled interventions such as cutting, polishing, machining and finally varnishing, which gives it a shiny appearance and protects the surface. Each temple consists of 12 thin layers of wood glued and pressed together in a process called lamination used by replica Cartier sunglasses to maximize the strength of each frame.

There must be something about these replica Miu Miu sunglasses shades when two of our absolute day-to-day fashion inspirations chose exactly the same model! Madness! That’s all that we can say about this for now, just enjoy their unbelievable (and still very diverse) style.

The collection of prescription glasses and sunglasses Miu Miu, has now become harder and better than ever. Miu Miu is a leading brand in the world of fashion and with a vintage touch that makes it very characteristic for its colorful carefree air and making it clear that it is an exclusive brand available to very few.

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The crystal-embellished cheap Fendi sunglasses Iridia sunglasses (model number: Fendi FF0041) are one of this year’s hottest runway pieces and it’s about time that these stunning beauties made their way to your closet after quickly becoming a celebrity style staple, from the catwalks of Fashion Weeks to the stages of summer festivals.

The core values of Fendi have always been creativity, technology and craftmanship. The way they stripped the idea of sunglasses down to its very bottom only to rebuild it again from scratch and redesigning and reshaping it, giving it the signature Fendi makeover, defining a style archetype, resulted an innovative futuristic yet retro pair of sunnies. A guaranteed head-turner!

With the replica Lacoste sunglasses brand celebrating 80 years in fashion, it’s focus on classic sportswear has evolved and now includes designs for the home, jewelry, parfum,as well as Lacoste glasses and sunglasses. Lacoste launched it’s unconventional chic campaign in 2009, and has decided to continue the trend in support of this anniversary milestone.

A brand known for reinventing classic designs, Lacoste glasses feature traditional elements, such as horn rimmed acetate, while playing with bold shapes and colours. This seamless combination of tradition and innovation makes sophisticated imitation Lacoste sunglasses a must-have accessory for the summer season.

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